My thoughts, ideas and expectations of people and life are so pure that I’m so often let down. There are those special people and life events that make it all worthwhile, but there is so much disappointment to wade through, including from myself. When I look at the bigger picture, it’s just overwhelming. I hope for those beautiful moments to come soon. I know there is so much amazing potential in life and in me, and I’m trying to make things happen, but I’m just feeling so lost right now.

Holy fuck I am lost in life right now.

Really though… Who wants to talk about aliens?

Oh my god.


He’s just mad because he can’t acquire all the apple juice that I’m acquiring. (x)

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Rich Boy - Ridin Thru My City (feat. The Game)

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An American has died fighting in Syria FOR the ISIL 

San Diego’s Douglas McAuthur McCain was killed by members of the Free Syrian Army, another, more-moderate rebel group fighting the rule of Syrian President Bashar Assad. After IS and FSA clashed, FSA identified McCain’s body from his American passport and unique neck tattoo, noting he was carrying around $800 in cash. NBC News confirmed that his family had heard of his death, and that McCain had become highly religious about a decade ago.

Foreign fighters contribute significantly | Follow micdotcom

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Little Dragon - Never Never


I can say that pretty much my whole life Ive been alone. Damn near abandoned as a kid by my parents in order that they could live their lives freely and without shackles. I grew to attach to people i loved only to see them leave in the end. My ability to be attached to people is just about…

I’ve been watching this great PBS documentary special called “Black In Latin America”. Go watch it (it’s on Netflix, for those who have it).

It’s really informative and shows how similar Latin America is to the U.S. when it comes to our history of colonization, slavery and race relations. I feel like many Americans don’t realize that countries like Brazil, Peru, Puerto Rico, Cuba, etc. share a very similar ethnic diversity that we have here, as well as the same, unfortunate problem of racism.

A major theme in the documentary is white-washing. One of the most interesting, yet fucked up, facts they discuss is how various Latin American countries encouraged huge waves of European immigration to white-wash their culture. For example, after slavery was abolished, Brazil (home to the largest population of African descendants outside of Africa) intentionally encouraged 4 million Europeans to move to Brazil, with hopes that they would whiten the population by mixing with Afro-Brazilians, and overall giving the nation a broader white identity. 

It is shocking to learn how deep-rooted the efforts of racism and colonization are.